Class HalRelation


public class HalRelation extends Object
Daniel Meyer
  • Field Details

    • relName

      protected String relName
      the name of the relation
    • uriTemplate

      protected uriTemplate
      the url template used by the relation to construct links
    • resourceType

      protected Class<?> resourceType
      the type of the resource we build a relation to.
  • Constructor Details

    • HalRelation

      public HalRelation()
  • Method Details

    • build

      public static HalRelation build(String relName, Class<?> resourceType, urlTemplate)
      Build a relation to a resource.
      relName - the name of the relation.
      resourceType - the type of the resource
      the relation
    • getRelName

      public String getRelName()
    • getUriTemplate

      public getUriTemplate()
    • getResourceType

      public Class<?> getResourceType()