Class HalLinker


public class HalLinker extends Object
A stateful linker which collects information about the links it creates.
Daniel Meyer
  • Field Details

    • hal

      protected final Hal hal
    • resource

      protected final HalResource<?> resource
      The HalResource on which the links are constructed
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • createLink

      public void createLink(HalRelation rel, String... pathParams)
      Creates a link in a given relation.
      rel - the HalRelation for which a link should be constructed
      pathParams - the path params to populate the url template with.
    • getLinkedRelations

      public Set<HalRelation> getLinkedRelations()
    • getLinkedResourceIdsByRelation

      public Set<String> getLinkedResourceIdsByRelation(HalRelation relation)
    • resolve

      public List<HalResource<?>> resolve(HalRelation relation, ProcessEngine processEngine)
      Resolves a relation. Locates a HalLinkResolver for resolving the set of all linked resources in the relation.
      relation - the relation to resolve
      processEngine - the process engine to use
      the list of resolved resources
      RuntimeException - if no HalLinkResolver can be found for the linked resource type.
    • mergeLinks

      public void mergeLinks(HalResource<?> embedded)
      merge the links of an embedded resource into this linker. This is useful when building resources which are actually resource collections. You can then merge the relations of all resources in the collection and the unique the set of linked resources to embed.
      embedded - the embedded resource for which the links should be merged into this linker.