Class ProblemDto


public class ProblemDto extends Object
Dto for Problem The problem contains a list of element ids and other details for root causing the issue.
  • Field Details

    • message

      protected String message
    • line

      protected int line
    • column

      protected int column
    • mainElementId

      protected String mainElementId
    • еlementIds

      protected List<String> еlementIds
  • Constructor Details

    • ProblemDto

      public ProblemDto()
  • Method Details

    • fromProblem

      public static ProblemDto fromProblem(Problem problem)
    • getMessage

      public String getMessage()
    • setMessage

      public void setMessage(String errorMessage)
    • getLine

      public int getLine()
    • setLine

      public void setLine(int line)
    • getColumn

      public int getColumn()
    • setColumn

      public void setColumn(int column)
    • getMainElementId

      public String getMainElementId()
    • setMainElementId

      public void setMainElementId(String mainElementId)
    • getЕlementIds

      public List<String> getЕlementIds()
    • setЕlementIds

      public void setЕlementIds(List<String> elementIds)