Interface DmnDecision

All Known Implementing Classes:
DecisionDefinitionEntity, DmnDecisionImpl

public interface DmnDecision
A decision of the DMN Engine.

Decisions can be implement in different ways. To check if the decision is implemented as a Decision Table see isDecisionTable().

  • Method Details

    • getKey

      String getKey()
      The unique identifier of the decision if exists.
      the identifier or null if not set
    • getName

      String getName()
      The human readable name of the decision if exists.
      the name or null if not set
    • isDecisionTable

      boolean isDecisionTable()
      Checks if the decision logic is implemented as Decision Table.
      true if the decision logic is implement as Decision Table, otherwise false
    • getDecisionLogic

      DmnDecisionLogic getDecisionLogic()
      Returns the decision logic of the decision (e.g., a decision table).
      the containing decision logic
    • getRequiredDecisions

      Collection<DmnDecision> getRequiredDecisions()
      Returns the required decisions of this decision.
      the required decisions or an empty collection if not exists.