Interface ActivityInstance

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public interface ActivityInstance extends ProcessElementInstance

An activity instance represents an instance of an activity.

For documentation, see RuntimeService.getActivityInstance(String)

Daniel Meyer
  • Method Details

    • getActivityId

      String getActivityId()
      the id of the activity
    • getActivityName

      String getActivityName()
      the name of the activity
    • getActivityType

      String getActivityType()
      Type of the activity, corresponds to BPMN element name in XML (e.g. 'userTask'). The type of the Root activity instance (the one corresponding to the process instance will be 'processDefinition'.
    • getChildActivityInstances

      ActivityInstance[] getChildActivityInstances()
      Returns the child activity instances. Returns an empty list if there are no child instances
    • getChildTransitionInstances

      TransitionInstance[] getChildTransitionInstances()
      Returns the child transition instances. Returns an empty list if there are no child transition instances
    • getExecutionIds

      String[] getExecutionIds()
      the list of executions that are currently waiting in this activity instance
    • getActivityInstances

      ActivityInstance[] getActivityInstances(String activityId)
      all descendant (children, grandchildren, etc.) activity instances that are instances of the supplied activity
    • getTransitionInstances

      TransitionInstance[] getTransitionInstances(String activityId)
      all descendant (children, grandchildren, etc.) transition instances that are leaving or entering the supplied activity
    • getIncidentIds

      String[] getIncidentIds()
      the ids of currently open incidents
    • getIncidents

      Incident[] getIncidents()
      the list of currently open incidents