Class VariableInstanceEntity

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, CoreVariableInstance, DbEntity, DbEntityLifecycleAware, HasDbReferences, HasDbRevision, Nameable, TypedValueUpdateListener, ValueFields, VariableInstance

Tom Baeyens
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  • Field Details

    • LOG

      protected static final EnginePersistenceLogger LOG
    • id

      protected String id
    • revision

      protected int revision
    • name

      protected String name
    • processDefinitionId

      protected String processDefinitionId
    • processInstanceId

      protected String processInstanceId
    • executionId

      protected String executionId
    • taskId

      protected String taskId
    • batchId

      protected String batchId
    • caseInstanceId

      protected String caseInstanceId
    • caseExecutionId

      protected String caseExecutionId
    • activityInstanceId

      protected String activityInstanceId
    • tenantId

      protected String tenantId
    • longValue

      protected Long longValue
    • doubleValue

      protected Double doubleValue
    • textValue

      protected String textValue
    • textValue2

      protected String textValue2
    • variableScopeId

      protected String variableScopeId
    • byteArrayField

      protected ByteArrayField byteArrayField
    • typedValueField

      protected TypedValueField typedValueField
    • configuration

      protected String configuration
    • sequenceCounter

      protected long sequenceCounter
    • isConcurrentLocal

      protected boolean isConcurrentLocal

      Determines whether this variable is supposed to be a local variable in case of concurrency in its scope. This affects

      • tree expansion (not evaluated yet by the engine)
      • activity instance IDs of variable instances: concurrentLocal variables always receive the activity instance id of their execution (which may not be the scope execution), while non-concurrentLocal variables always receive the activity instance id of their scope (which is set in the parent execution)

      In the future, this field could be used for restoring the variable distribution when the tree is expanded/compacted multiple times. On expansion, the goal would be to keep concurrentLocal variables always with their concurrent replacing executions while non-concurrentLocal variables stay in the scope execution

    • isTransient

      protected boolean isTransient
      Determines whether this variable is stored in the data base.
    • execution

      protected ExecutionEntity execution
  • Constructor Details

    • VariableInstanceEntity

      public VariableInstanceEntity()
    • VariableInstanceEntity

      public VariableInstanceEntity(String name, TypedValue value, boolean isTransient)
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