Class Authentications

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public class Authentications extends Object implements Serializable

Wrapper around current authentications.

In Camunda Platform rest and web applications, authentications are managed per process engine: at a given point in time, there might be multiple authentications active for different users and process engines in a single session. The situation is that a "physical" user may possess credentials for different process engines, each of these representing a different process engine user. For each process engine, there can be at most one authentication active in a given session.

In addition, the AuthenticationFilter binds an instance of this class to a thread local and may be obtained by getCurrent()

Daniel Meyer
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  • Field Details

    • authentications

      protected Map<String,UserAuthentication> authentications
      holds an entry for each processEngine->userId pair currently authenticated
  • Constructor Details

    • Authentications

      public Authentications()
  • Method Details

    • getAuthenticationForProcessEngine

      public Authentication getAuthenticationForProcessEngine(String engineName)
      Returns an Authentication for a provided process engine name or "null".
      engineName - the name of the process engine for which the userId should be retrieved.
      Authentication for the provided process engine or "null" if no user is authenticated for this process engine.
    • addOrReplace

      public void addOrReplace(UserAuthentication authentication)
      Adds an authentication to the list of current authentications. If there already exists an authentication of the same process engine, it is replaced silently.
      authentication - the authentication to add
    • removeByEngineName

      public UserAuthentication removeByEngineName(String engineName)
      Removes the authentication for the provided process engine name.
      engineName - the name of the process engine for which the authentication should be removed.
      the removed user authentication
    • getAuthentications

      public List<UserAuthentication> getAuthentications()
      all active Authentications.
    • hasAuthenticationForProcessEngine

      public boolean hasAuthenticationForProcessEngine(String engineName)
      Allows checking whether a user is currently authenticated for a given process engine name.
      engineName - the name of the process engine for which we want to check for authentication.
      true if a user is authenticated for the provided process engine name.
    • setCurrent

      public static void setCurrent(Authentications auth)
      sets the Authentications for the current thread in a thread local.
      auth - the Authentications to set.
    • clearCurrent

      public static void clearCurrent()
      clears the Authentications for the current thread.
    • getCurrent

      public static Authentications getCurrent()
      Returns the authentications for the current thread.
      the authentications.