Interface MigrationPlanBuilder

All Known Subinterfaces:
MigrationInstructionBuilder, MigrationInstructionsBuilder
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface MigrationPlanBuilder
Thorben Lindhauer
  • Method Details

    • mapEqualActivities

      MigrationInstructionsBuilder mapEqualActivities()
      Automatically adds a set of instructions for activities that are equivalent in both process definitions. By default, this is given if two activities are both user tasks, are on the same level of sub process, and have the same id.
    • setVariables

      MigrationPlanBuilder setVariables(Map<String,?> variables)
      variables - which will be set into the process instance scope after the migration
    • mapActivities

      MigrationInstructionBuilder mapActivities(String sourceActivityId, String targetActivityId)
      Adds a migration instruction that maps activity instances of the source activity (of the source process definition) to activity instances of the target activity (of the target process definition)
    • build

      MigrationPlan build()
      a migration plan with all previously specified instructions
      MigrationPlanValidationException - if the migration plan contains instructions that are not valid
      AuthorizationException - if the user has no Permissions.READ permission on Resources.PROCESS_DEFINITION for both, source and target process definition.