Class DbEntityCacheKeyMapping


public class DbEntityCacheKeyMapping extends Object
Provides the keys used by DbEntityCache for organizing the different DbEntity types. Especially for polymorphic types, it is important that they are accessible in the cache under one common key such that querying the cache with a superclass or with a subclass both return the cached entities.
Thorben Lindhauer
  • Field Details

    • entityCacheKeys

      protected Map<Class<?>,Class<?>> entityCacheKeys
  • Constructor Details

    • DbEntityCacheKeyMapping

      public DbEntityCacheKeyMapping()
  • Method Details

    • getEntityCacheKey

      public Class<?> getEntityCacheKey(Class<?> entityType)
    • registerEntityCacheKey

      public void registerEntityCacheKey(Class<?> entityType, Class<?> cacheKey)
    • defaultEntityCacheKeyMapping

      public static DbEntityCacheKeyMapping defaultEntityCacheKeyMapping()
    • emptyMapping

      public static DbEntityCacheKeyMapping emptyMapping()