Interface SetJobRetriesAsyncBuilder

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      • dueDate

        SetJobRetriesAsyncBuilder dueDate​(Date dueDate)
        Specifies a due date to be set on the referenced jobs. When the number of retries of a job are incremented it is not automatically scheduled for immediate execution. When a Job is executed is determined by the due date. By setting the due date together with the job retries, the scheduled execution date of the job can be adjusted.
        dueDate - The new due date for the updated jobs. If it is null, the due date will be set to null. If ensureJobDueDateNotNull is true, the due date will be set to the current date instead of null.
        the builder instance
      • executeAsync

        Batch executeAsync()
        Closes the fluent builder and creates a Batch that sets the job retries and executes any additional instructions.
        ProcessEngineException - Check the builder methods and their linked counterparts in ManagementService for more detail