Interface UserOperationLogEntry

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    public interface UserOperationLogEntry
    Log entry about an operation performed by a user. This is used for logging actions such as creating a new task, completing a task, canceling a process instance, ...

    Operation Type

    The type of the operation which has been performed. A user may create a new task, complete a task, delegate a tasks, etc... Check this class for a list of built-in operation type constants.

    Entity Type

    The type of the entity on which the operation was performed. Operations may be performed on tasks, attachments, ...

    Affected Entity Criteria

    The methods that reference other entities (except users), such as getProcessInstanceId() or getProcessDefinitionId(), describe which entities were affected by the operation and represent restriction criteria. A null return value of any of those methods means that regarding this criterion, any entity was affected.

    For example, if an operation suspends all process instances that belong to a certain process definition id, one operation log entry is created. Its return value for the method getProcessInstanceId() is null, while getProcessDefinitionId() returns an id. Thus, the return values of these methods can be understood as selection criteria of instances of the entity type that were affected by the operation.

    Additional Considerations

    The event describes which user has requested out the operation and the time at which the operation was performed. Furthermore, one operation can result in multiple UserOperationLogEntry entities whicha are linked by the value of the getOperationId() method.

    Danny Gräf, Daniel Meyer