Interface Resource

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    Resources, ResourceUtil

    public interface Resource

    Resources are entities for which a user or a group is authorized. Examples of resources are applications, process-definitions, process-instances, tasks ...

    A resource has a type and an id. The type (#setResource(String)) allows to group all resources of the same kind. A resource id is the identifier of an individual resource instance (#setResourceId(String)). For example: the resource type could be "processDefinition" and the resource-id could be the id of an individual process definition.

    See Resources for a set of built-in resource constants.

    Daniel Meyer
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    • Method Detail

      • resourceName

        java.lang.String resourceName()
        returns the name of the resource
      • resourceType

        int resourceType()
        an integer representing the type of the resource.
        the type identitfyer of the resource