Class WrongDbException

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    public class WrongDbException
    extends ProcessEngineException
    Exception that is thrown when the Activiti engine discovers a mismatch between the database schema version and the engine version. The check is done when the engine is created in ProcessEngineBuilder#buildProcessEngine().
    Tom Baeyens
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    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      WrongDbException​(java.lang.String libraryVersion, java.lang.String dbVersion)  
      WrongDbException​(java.lang.String exceptionMessage, java.lang.String libraryVersion, java.lang.String dbVersion)  
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      java.lang.String getDbVersion()
      The version of the Activiti library that was used to create the database schema.
      java.lang.String getLibraryVersion()
      The version of the Activiti library used.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • WrongDbException

        public WrongDbException​(java.lang.String libraryVersion,
                                java.lang.String dbVersion)
      • WrongDbException

        public WrongDbException​(java.lang.String exceptionMessage,
                                java.lang.String libraryVersion,
                                java.lang.String dbVersion)
    • Method Detail

      • getLibraryVersion

        public java.lang.String getLibraryVersion()
        The version of the Activiti library used.
      • getDbVersion

        public java.lang.String getDbVersion()
        The version of the Activiti library that was used to create the database schema.