Class AbstractEjbProcessApplication

    • Field Detail


        protected static java.lang.String MODULE_NAME_PATH

        protected static java.lang.String JAVA_APP_APP_NAME_PATH

        protected static java.lang.String EJB_CONTEXT_PATH
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractEjbProcessApplication

        public AbstractEjbProcessApplication()
    • Method Detail

      • getReference

        public ProcessApplicationReference getReference()
        Description copied from interface: ProcessApplicationInterface

        Returns a globally sharable reference to this process application. This reference may be safely passed to the process engine. And other applications.

        a globally sharable reference to this process application.
      • getBusinessInterface

        protected java.lang.Class<? extends ProcessApplicationInterface> getBusinessInterface()
        allows subclasses to provide a custom business interface
      • ensureInitialized

        protected void ensureInitialized()
      • ensureEjbProcessApplicationReferenceInitialized

        protected abstract void ensureEjbProcessApplicationReferenceInitialized()
      • lookupSelfReference

        protected abstract ProcessApplicationInterface lookupSelfReference()
        lookup a proxy object representing the invoked business view of this component.
      • lookupEeApplicationName

        protected java.lang.String lookupEeApplicationName()
        determine the ee application name based on information obtained from JNDI.