Interface TypedValueSerializer<T extends TypedValue>

    • Method Detail

      • getName

        java.lang.String getName()
        The name of this serializer. The name is used when persisting the ValueFields populated by this serializer.
        the name of this serializer.
      • canHandle

        boolean canHandle​(TypedValue value)
        Used for auto-detecting the value type of a variable. An implementation must return true if it is able to write values of the provided type.
        value - the value
        true if this TypedValueSerializer is able to handle the provided value
      • convertToTypedValue

        T convertToTypedValue​(UntypedValueImpl untypedValue)
        Returns a typed value for the provided untyped value. This is used on cases where the user sets an untyped value which is then detected to be handled by this TypedValueSerializer (by invocation of canHandle(TypedValue)).
        untypedValue - the untyped value
        the corresponding typed value
      • getSerializationDataformat

        java.lang.String getSerializationDataformat()
        the dataformat used by the serializer or null if this is not an object serializer
      • isMutableValue

        boolean isMutableValue​(T typedValue)
        whether values serialized by this serializer can be mutable and should be re-serialized if changed