Class PasswordManager

  • public class PasswordManager
    extends java.lang.Object
    Different Camunda versions use different hashing algorithms. In addition, it is possible to add a custom hashing algorithm. The PasswordManager ensures that the right algorithm is used for the encryption. Default algorithms: Version: | Algorithm <= Camunda 7.6 | SHA1 >= Camunda 7.7 | SHA512
    • Method Detail

      • addAllPasswordChecker

        protected void addAllPasswordChecker​(java.util.List<PasswordEncryptor> list)
      • addPasswordCheckerAndThrowErrorIfAlreadyAvailable

        protected void addPasswordCheckerAndThrowErrorIfAlreadyAvailable​(PasswordEncryptor encryptor)
      • addDefaultEncryptor

        protected void addDefaultEncryptor​(PasswordEncryptor defaultPasswordEncryptor)
      • encrypt

        public java.lang.String encrypt​(java.lang.String password)
      • check

        public boolean check​(java.lang.String password,
                             java.lang.String encrypted)
      • getCorrectEncryptorForPassword

        protected PasswordEncryptor getCorrectEncryptorForPassword​(java.lang.String encryptedPassword)