Interface GroupQuery

    • Method Detail

      • groupId

        GroupQuery groupId​(java.lang.String groupId)
        Only select Groups with the given id.
      • groupIdIn

        GroupQuery groupIdIn​(java.lang.String... ids)
        Only select Groups with the given ids
      • groupName

        GroupQuery groupName​(java.lang.String groupName)
        Only select Groups with the given name.
      • groupNameLike

        GroupQuery groupNameLike​(java.lang.String groupNameLike)
        Only select Groups where the name matches the given parameter. The syntax to use is that of SQL, eg. %activiti%.
      • groupType

        GroupQuery groupType​(java.lang.String groupType)
        Only select Groups which have the given type.
      • groupMember

        GroupQuery groupMember​(java.lang.String groupMemberUserId)
        Only selects Groups where the given user is a member of.
      • potentialStarter

        GroupQuery potentialStarter​(java.lang.String procDefId)
        Only select GroupS that are potential starter for the given process definition.
      • memberOfTenant

        GroupQuery memberOfTenant​(java.lang.String tenantId)
        Only select Groups that belongs to the given tenant.