Annotation Type ProcessEngineComponent

  • @Target(TYPE)
    public @interface ProcessEngineComponent
    Indicates that the given bean is an process engine handler. A process engine handler is a bean that is so annotated to respond to events ("states") in a Camunda Platform process. Generically, it is a class that has been adapted to be usable in a Camunda Platform process.

    For example, suppose we have registered a BPMN process that has the following declaration:

    <service-task camunda:expression = "myBean" id = "confirm-receipt" />

    This is a state that will be entered from Camunda Platform and execution will flow through to the bean registered in the context as "myBean." To subscribe to that, a POJO need only implement (optionally) ProcessEngineComponent and, on a method, add State to indicate that the method in particular is tasked with responding to a state. If applied to a bean and there are no org.camunda.bpm.engine.annotations.ProcessEngineComponent annotations present, then one option might be to automatically enlist all public methods as handlers for states whose IDs or names are inferred from the method name:

    public void confirmReceipt(..) would be treated the same as

    @State( "confirm-receipt") public void confirmReceipt (..),

    Josh Long
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      Optional Elements 
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      java.lang.String processKey  
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      • processKey

        java.lang.String processKey