Interface UpdateProcessInstancesSuspensionStateBuilder

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      • suspendAsync

        Batch suspendAsync()

        Suspends the provided process instances asynchronously. This means that the execution is stopped, so the token state will not change. However, actions that do not change token state, like setting/removing variables, etc. will succeed.

        Tasks belonging to the suspended process instance will also be suspended. This means that any actions influencing the tasks' lifecycles will fail, such as

        • claiming
        • completing
        • delegation
        • changes in task assignees, owners, etc.
        Actions that only change task properties will succeed, such as changing variables or adding comments.

        If a process instance is in state suspended, the engine will also not execute jobs (timers, messages) associated with this instance.

        If you have a process instance hierarchy, suspending one process instance from the hierarchy will not suspend other process instances from that hierarchy.

        BadUserRequestException - If no process Instances are found If a process Instance is set to null
        AuthorizationException - if the user has no Permissions.CREATE or BatchPermissions.CREATE_BATCH_UPDATE_PROCESS_INSTANCES_SUSPEND permission on Resources.BATCH.