Interface MigrationInstructionBuilder

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      • updateEventTrigger

        MigrationInstructionBuilder updateEventTrigger()

        If the current instruction maps between event-receiving flow nodes that rely on a persistent event trigger, this method can be used to determine whether the event trigger should be updated during migration

        For example, when mapping a message catch event waiting for message A to another message catch waiting for message B, using this option updates the message trigger to B during migration. That means, after migration this process instance can be correlated to using B. If this option is not used, then the message trigger is not updated and A is the message to be received after migration.

        Event-receiving flow nodes are:

        • intermediate events (signal, message, timer)
        • boundary events (signal, message, timer)
        • start events (signal, message, timer)
        • receive tasks

        For other flow nodes, this option must not be used and if so, results in a validation exception when the plan is created

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