Class TransitionInstanceImpl

    • Field Detail

      • executionId

        protected java.lang.String executionId
      • activityId

        protected java.lang.String activityId
      • activityName

        protected java.lang.String activityName
      • activityType

        protected java.lang.String activityType
      • incidentIds

        protected java.lang.String[] incidentIds
      • incidents

        protected Incident[] incidents
    • Constructor Detail

      • TransitionInstanceImpl

        public TransitionInstanceImpl()
    • Method Detail

      • setActivityId

        public void setActivityId​(java.lang.String activityId)
      • getExecutionId

        public java.lang.String getExecutionId()
        Description copied from interface: TransitionInstance
        returns the id of of the execution that is executing this transition instance
        Specified by:
        getExecutionId in interface TransitionInstance
      • setExecutionId

        public void setExecutionId​(java.lang.String executionId)
      • getActivityType

        public java.lang.String getActivityType()
        Description copied from interface: TransitionInstance
        returns the type of the activity a transition is made from/to. Corresponds to BPMN element name in XML (e.g. 'userTask'). The type of the root activity instance (the one corresponding to the process instance) is 'processDefinition'.
        Specified by:
        getActivityType in interface TransitionInstance
      • setActivityType

        public void setActivityType​(java.lang.String activityType)
      • setActivityName

        public void setActivityName​(java.lang.String activityName)
      • setIncidentIds

        public void setIncidentIds​(java.lang.String[] incidentIds)
      • setIncidents

        public void setIncidents​(Incident[] incidents)