Class HistoryCleanupJobHandlerConfiguration

    • Constructor Detail

      • HistoryCleanupJobHandlerConfiguration

        public HistoryCleanupJobHandlerConfiguration()
    • Method Detail

      • getNextRunWithDelay

        public java.util.Date getNextRunWithDelay​(java.util.Date date)
        The delay between two "empty" runs increases twice each time until it reaches MAX_DELAY value.
        date - date to count delay from
        date with delay
      • getCountEmptyRuns

        public int getCountEmptyRuns()
      • setCountEmptyRuns

        public void setCountEmptyRuns​(int countEmptyRuns)
      • isImmediatelyDue

        public boolean isImmediatelyDue()
      • setImmediatelyDue

        public void setImmediatelyDue​(boolean immediatelyDue)
      • getMinuteFrom

        public int getMinuteFrom()
      • setMinuteFrom

        public void setMinuteFrom​(int minuteFrom)
      • getMinuteTo

        public int getMinuteTo()
      • setMinuteTo

        public void setMinuteTo​(int minuteTo)