Interface HistoryLevel

    • Field Detail


        static final HistoryLevel HISTORY_LEVEL_NONE

        static final HistoryLevel HISTORY_LEVEL_ACTIVITY

        static final HistoryLevel HISTORY_LEVEL_AUDIT

        static final HistoryLevel HISTORY_LEVEL_FULL
    • Method Detail

      • getId

        int getId()
        An unique id identifying the history level. The id is used internally to uniquely identify the history level and also stored in the database.
      • getName

        java.lang.String getName()
        An unique name identifying the history level. The name of the history level can be used when configuring the process engine.
      • isHistoryEventProduced

        boolean isHistoryEventProduced​(HistoryEventType eventType,
                                       java.lang.Object entity)
        Returns true if a given history event should be produced.
        eventType - the type of the history event which is about to be produced
        entity - the runtime structure used to produce the history event. Examples ExecutionEntity, TaskEntity, VariableInstanceEntity, ... If a 'null' value is provided, the implementation should return true if events of this type should be produced "in general".