Class CompensationUtil

  • public class CompensationUtil
    extends java.lang.Object
    Daniel Meyer
    • Field Detail


        public static final java.lang.String SIGNAL_COMPENSATION_DONE
        name of the signal that is thrown when a compensation handler completed
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    • Constructor Detail

      • CompensationUtil

        public CompensationUtil()
    • Method Detail

      • throwCompensationEvent

        public static void throwCompensationEvent​(java.util.List<EventSubscriptionEntity> eventSubscriptions,
                                                  ActivityExecution execution,
                                                  boolean async)
        we create a separate execution for each compensation handler invocation.
      • createEventScopeExecution

        public static void createEventScopeExecution​(ExecutionEntity execution)
        creates an event scope for the given execution: create a new event scope execution under the parent of the given execution and move all event subscriptions to that execution. this allows us to "remember" the event subscriptions after finishing a scope
      • hasCompensationEventSubprocess

        protected static boolean hasCompensationEventSubprocess​(ActivityImpl activity)
      • getEventScopeCompensationHandler

        protected static ActivityImpl getEventScopeCompensationHandler​(ExecutionEntity execution)
        In the context when an event scope execution is created (i.e. a scope such as a subprocess has completed), this method returns the compensation handler activity that is going to be executed when by the event scope execution. This method is not relevant when the scope has a boundary compensation handler.
      • collectCompensateEventSubscriptionsForScope

        public static java.util.List<EventSubscriptionEntity> collectCompensateEventSubscriptionsForScope​(ActivityExecution execution)
        Collect all compensate event subscriptions for scope of given execution.
      • collectCompensateEventSubscriptionsForActivity

        public static java.util.List<EventSubscriptionEntity> collectCompensateEventSubscriptionsForActivity​(ActivityExecution execution,
                                                                                                             java.lang.String activityRef)
        Collect all compensate event subscriptions for activity on the scope of given execution.