Class HistoricBatchEntity

    • Field Detail

      • id

        protected java.lang.String id
      • type

        protected java.lang.String type
      • totalJobs

        protected int totalJobs
      • batchJobsPerSeed

        protected int batchJobsPerSeed
      • invocationsPerBatchJob

        protected int invocationsPerBatchJob
      • seedJobDefinitionId

        protected java.lang.String seedJobDefinitionId
      • monitorJobDefinitionId

        protected java.lang.String monitorJobDefinitionId
      • batchJobDefinitionId

        protected java.lang.String batchJobDefinitionId
      • tenantId

        protected java.lang.String tenantId
      • createUserId

        protected java.lang.String createUserId
      • startTime

        protected java.util.Date startTime
      • endTime

        protected java.util.Date endTime
    • Constructor Detail

      • HistoricBatchEntity

        public HistoricBatchEntity()
    • Method Detail

      • getType

        public java.lang.String getType()
        Specified by:
        getType in interface HistoricBatch
        the type of the batch
      • setType

        public void setType​(java.lang.String type)
      • getTotalJobs

        public int getTotalJobs()
        Specified by:
        getTotalJobs in interface HistoricBatch
        the number of batch execution jobs required to complete the batch
      • setTotalJobs

        public void setTotalJobs​(int totalJobs)
      • getBatchJobsPerSeed

        public int getBatchJobsPerSeed()
        Specified by:
        getBatchJobsPerSeed in interface HistoricBatch
        number of batch jobs created per batch seed job invocation
      • setBatchJobsPerSeed

        public void setBatchJobsPerSeed​(int batchJobsPerSeed)
      • getInvocationsPerBatchJob

        public int getInvocationsPerBatchJob()
        Specified by:
        getInvocationsPerBatchJob in interface HistoricBatch
        the number of invocations executed per batch job
      • setInvocationsPerBatchJob

        public void setInvocationsPerBatchJob​(int invocationsPerBatchJob)
      • getSeedJobDefinitionId

        public java.lang.String getSeedJobDefinitionId()
        Specified by:
        getSeedJobDefinitionId in interface HistoricBatch
        the id of the batch seed job definition
      • setSeedJobDefinitionId

        public void setSeedJobDefinitionId​(java.lang.String seedJobDefinitionId)
      • getMonitorJobDefinitionId

        public java.lang.String getMonitorJobDefinitionId()
        Specified by:
        getMonitorJobDefinitionId in interface HistoricBatch
        the id of the batch monitor job definition
      • setMonitorJobDefinitionId

        public void setMonitorJobDefinitionId​(java.lang.String monitorJobDefinitionId)
      • getBatchJobDefinitionId

        public java.lang.String getBatchJobDefinitionId()
        Specified by:
        getBatchJobDefinitionId in interface HistoricBatch
        the id of the batch job definition
      • setBatchJobDefinitionId

        public void setBatchJobDefinitionId​(java.lang.String batchJobDefinitionId)
      • getTenantId

        public java.lang.String getTenantId()
        Specified by:
        getTenantId in interface HistoricBatch
        the batch's tenant id or null
      • setTenantId

        public void setTenantId​(java.lang.String tenantId)
      • getCreateUserId

        public java.lang.String getCreateUserId()
        Specified by:
        getCreateUserId in interface HistoricBatch
        the batch creator's user id
      • setCreateUserId

        public void setCreateUserId​(java.lang.String createUserId)
      • getStartTime

        public java.util.Date getStartTime()
        Specified by:
        getStartTime in interface HistoricBatch
        the date the batch was started
      • setStartTime

        public void setStartTime​(java.util.Date startTime)
      • getEndTime

        public java.util.Date getEndTime()
        Specified by:
        getEndTime in interface HistoricBatch
        the date the batch was completed
      • setEndTime

        public void setEndTime​(java.util.Date endTime)
      • getPersistentState

        public java.lang.Object getPersistentState()
        Description copied from interface: DbEntity
        Returns a representation of the object, as would be stored in the database. Used when deciding if updates have occurred to the object or not since it was last loaded.
        Specified by:
        getPersistentState in interface DbEntity
        getPersistentState in class HistoryEvent
      • delete

        public void delete()