Before downloading Optimize, make sure you have a JRE (Java Runtime Environment), or better, a JDK (Java Development Kit) installed. It is requireds to install version Java 8.

Download JDK 8

Download the Runtime

Optimize is a flexible framework which can be used in different contexts.

Please note that Optimize is an extension the Camunda BPM platform that is only available to enterprise customers.

Full Distribution

Download the full distribution if you want to use Optimize with an embedded Elasticsearch or if you want to get to know Optimize quickly, without any additional setup or installation steps required.

To install the full distribution, please download the archive with the latest version from the Camunda Nexus repository:

The full distribution bundles

  • Optimize
  • Container / Application Server itself.
  • Elasticsearch

See the Installation Guide for additional details.

Standalone Web Application Distribution

You can download the fat jar, which contains all the required files to startup Camunda Optimize, and configure it to connect to your pre-installed Elasticsearch instance.

Get the standalone application from nexus:

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