Get Decision Definitions

Query for decision definitions that fulfill given parameters. Parameters may be the properties of decision definitions, such as the name, key or version. The size of the result set can be retrieved by using the GET query count.


GET /decision-definition


Query Parameters

Name Description
decisionDefinitionId Filter by decision definition id.
decisionDefinitionIdIn Filter by decision definition ids.
name Filter by decision definition name.
nameLike Filter by decision definition names that the parameter is a substring of.
deploymentId Filter by the deployment the id belongs to.
key Filter by decision definition key, i.e. the id in the DMN 1.0 XML. Exact match.
keyLike Filter by decision definition keys that the parameter is a substring of.
category Filter by decision definition category. Exact match.
categoryLike Filter by decision definition categories that the parameter is a substring of.
version Filter by decision definition version.
latestVersion Only include those decision definitions that are latest versions. Value may only be true, as false is the default behavior.
resourceName Filter by the name of the decision definition resource. Exact match.
resourceNameLike Filter by names of those decision definition resources that the parameter is a substring of.
sortBy Sort the results lexicographically by a given criterion. Valid values are category, key, id, name, version and deploymentId. Must be used in conjunction with the sortOrder parameter.
sortOrder Sort the results in a given order. Values may be asc for ascending order or desc for descending order. Must be used in conjunction with the sortBy parameter.
firstResult Pagination of results. Specifies the index of the first result to return.
maxResults Pagination of results. Specifies the maximum number of results to return. Will return less results if there are no more results left.


A JSON array of decision definition objects. Each decision definition object has the following properties:

Name Value Description
id String The id of the decision definition.
key String The key of the decision definition, i.e. the id of the DMN 1.0 XML decision definition.
category String The category of the decision definition.
name String The name of the decision definition.
version Number The version of the decision definition that the engine assigned to it.
resource String The file name of the decision definition.
deploymentId String The deployment id of the decision definition.

Response codes

Code Media type Description
200 application/json Request successful.
400 application/json Returned if some of the query parameters are invalid, for example if a sortOrder parameter is supplied, but no sortBy. See the Introduction for the error response format.



GET /decision-definition?key=myDecisionKey&sortBy=category&sortOrder=asc



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