A send task is used to send a message. In Camunda this is done by calling Java code.

The send task has the same behavior as a service task.

<sendTask id="sendTask" camunda:class="org.camunda.bpm.MySendTaskDelegate" />

Camunda Extensions

Attributes camunda:asyncBefore, camunda:asyncAfter, camunda:class, camunda:delegateExpression, camunda:exclusive, camunda:expression, camunda:jobPriority, camunda:resultVariable, camunda:type
Extension Elements camunda:failedJobRetryTimeCycle, camunda:field, camunda:connector, camunda:inputOutput
Constraints One of the attributes camunda:class, camunda:delegateExpression, camunda:type or camunda:expression is mandatory
The attribute camunda:resultVariable can only be used in combination with the camunda:expression attribute
The camunda:exclusive attribute is only evaluated if the attribute camunda:asyncBefore or camunda:asyncAfter is set to true

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