Interface Job

All Known Implementing Classes:
EverLivingJobEntity, JobEntity, MessageEntity, TimerEntity

public interface Job
Represents one job (timer, message, etc.).
Joram Barrez, Daniel Meyer
  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
      Returns the unique identifier for this job.
    • getDuedate

      Date getDuedate()
      Returns the date on which this job is supposed to be processed.
    • getRootProcessInstanceId

      String getRootProcessInstanceId()
      Returns the id of the root process instance which execution created the job.
    • getProcessInstanceId

      String getProcessInstanceId()
      Returns the id of the process instance which execution created the job.
    • getProcessDefinitionId

      String getProcessDefinitionId()
      Returns the id of the process definition which created the job.
    • getProcessDefinitionKey

      String getProcessDefinitionKey()
      Returns the key of the process definition which created the job.
    • getExecutionId

      String getExecutionId()
      Returns the specific execution on which the job was created.
    • getRetries

      int getRetries()
      Returns the number of retries this job has left. Whenever the jobexecutor fails to execute the job, this value is decremented. When it hits zero, the job is supposed to be dead and not retried again (ie a manual retry is required then).
    • getExceptionMessage

      String getExceptionMessage()
      Returns the message of the exception that occurred, the last time the job was executed. Returns null when no exception occurred. To get the full exception stacktrace, use ManagementService.getJobExceptionStacktrace(String)
    • getFailedActivityId

      String getFailedActivityId()
      Returns the id of the activity on which the last exception occurred.
    • getDeploymentId

      String getDeploymentId()
      Returns the id of the deployment in which context the job was created.
    • getJobDefinitionId

      String getJobDefinitionId()
      The id of the JobDefinition for this job.
    • isSuspended

      boolean isSuspended()
      Indicates whether this job is suspended. If a job is suspended, the job will be not acquired by the job executor.
      true if this Job is currently suspended.
    • getPriority

      long getPriority()
      The job's priority that is a hint to job acquisition.
    • getTenantId

      String getTenantId()
      The id of the tenant this job belongs to. Can be null if the job belongs to no single tenant.
    • getCreateTime

      Date getCreateTime()
      The date/time when this job has been created