Interface MigrationObserverBehavior

All Known Implementing Classes:
CallActivityBehavior, CaseCallActivityBehavior, ExternalTaskActivityBehavior, ParallelMultiInstanceActivityBehavior, UserTaskActivityBehavior

public interface MigrationObserverBehavior
Thorben Lindhauer
  • Method Details

    • migrateScope

      void migrateScope(ActivityExecution scopeExecution)
      Implement to perform activity-specific migration behavior that is not covered by the regular migration procedure. Called after the scope execution and any ancestor executions have been migrated to their target activities and process definition.
    • onParseMigratingInstance

      void onParseMigratingInstance(MigratingInstanceParseContext parseContext, MigratingActivityInstance migratingInstance)
      Callback to implement behavior specific parsing (e.g. adding additional dependent entities).