All Implemented Interfaces:
DbEntityLifecycleAware, CommandContextListener

public class TypedValueField extends Object implements DbEntityLifecycleAware, CommandContextListener
A field what provide a typed version of a value. It can be used in an entity which implements ValueFields.
Philipp Ossler
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • TypedValueField

      public TypedValueField(ValueFields valueFields, boolean notifyOnImplicitUpdates)
  • Method Details

    • getValue

      public Object getValue()
    • getTypedValue

      public TypedValue getTypedValue(boolean asTransientValue)
    • getTypedValue

      public TypedValue getTypedValue(boolean deserializeValue, boolean asTransientValue)
    • setValue

      public TypedValue setValue(TypedValue value)
    • isMutable

      public boolean isMutable()
    • isMutableValue

      protected boolean isMutableValue(TypedValue value)
    • isValuedImplicitlyUpdated

      protected boolean isValuedImplicitlyUpdated()
    • writeValue

      protected void writeValue(TypedValue value, ValueFields valueFields)
    • onCommandContextClose

      public void onCommandContextClose(CommandContext commandContext)
      Specified by:
      onCommandContextClose in interface CommandContextListener
    • notifyImplicitValueUpdateIfEnabled

      public void notifyImplicitValueUpdateIfEnabled()
    • onCommandFailed

      public void onCommandFailed(CommandContext commandContext, Throwable t)
      Specified by:
      onCommandFailed in interface CommandContextListener
    • getSerializer

      public TypedValueSerializer<?> getSerializer()
    • ensureSerializerInitialized

      protected void ensureSerializerInitialized()
    • getSerializers

      public static VariableSerializers getSerializers()
    • getFallbackSerializer

      public static TypedValueSerializer<?> getFallbackSerializer(String serializerName)
    • getCurrentPaSerializers

      protected static VariableSerializers getCurrentPaSerializers()
    • getSerializerName

      public String getSerializerName()
    • setSerializerName

      public void setSerializerName(String serializerName)
    • addImplicitUpdateListener

      public void addImplicitUpdateListener(TypedValueUpdateListener listener)
    • getTypeName

      public String getTypeName()
      the type name of the value
    • getErrorMessage

      public String getErrorMessage()
      If the variable value could not be loaded, this returns the error message.
      an error message indicating why the variable value could not be loaded.
    • postLoad

      public void postLoad()
      Specified by:
      postLoad in interface DbEntityLifecycleAware
    • clear

      public void clear()