public class ByteArrayField extends Object
A byte array value field what load and save ByteArrayEntity. It can be used in an entity which implements ValueFields.
Philipp Ossler
  • Field Details

    • byteArrayValue

      protected ByteArrayEntity byteArrayValue
    • byteArrayId

      protected String byteArrayId
    • nameProvider

      protected final Nameable nameProvider
    • type

      protected ResourceType type
    • rootProcessInstanceId

      protected String rootProcessInstanceId
    • removalTime

      protected Date removalTime
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • getByteArrayId

      public String getByteArrayId()
    • setByteArrayId

      public void setByteArrayId(String byteArrayId)
    • getByteArrayValue

      public byte[] getByteArrayValue()
    • getByteArrayEntity

      protected ByteArrayEntity getByteArrayEntity()
    • setByteArrayValue

      public void setByteArrayValue(byte[] bytes)
    • setByteArrayValue

      public void setByteArrayValue(byte[] bytes, boolean isTransient)
    • deleteByteArrayValue

      public void deleteByteArrayValue()
    • setByteArrayValue

      public void setByteArrayValue(ByteArrayEntity byteArrayValue)
    • setRootProcessInstanceId

      public void setRootProcessInstanceId(String rootProcessInstanceId)
    • setRemovalTime

      public void setRemovalTime(Date removalTime)