Class UserOperationLogContextEntry


public class UserOperationLogContextEntry extends Object
One op log context entry represents an operation on a set of entities of the same type (see entityType field). It consist multiple PropertyChanges that end up as multiple history events.
Thorben Lindhauer
  • Field Details

    • deploymentId

      protected String deploymentId
    • processDefinitionId

      protected String processDefinitionId
    • processDefinitionKey

      protected String processDefinitionKey
    • processInstanceId

      protected String processInstanceId
    • executionId

      protected String executionId
    • caseDefinitionId

      protected String caseDefinitionId
    • caseInstanceId

      protected String caseInstanceId
    • caseExecutionId

      protected String caseExecutionId
    • taskId

      protected String taskId
    • operationType

      protected String operationType
    • entityType

      protected String entityType
    • propertyChanges

      protected List<PropertyChange> propertyChanges
    • jobDefinitionId

      protected String jobDefinitionId
    • jobId

      protected String jobId
    • batchId

      protected String batchId
    • category

      protected String category
    • rootProcessInstanceId

      protected String rootProcessInstanceId
    • externalTaskId

      protected String externalTaskId
    • annotation

      protected String annotation
    • tenantId

      protected String tenantId
  • Constructor Details

    • UserOperationLogContextEntry

      public UserOperationLogContextEntry(String operationType, String entityType)
  • Method Details

    • getDeploymentId

      public String getDeploymentId()
    • setDeploymentId

      public void setDeploymentId(String deploymentId)
    • getProcessDefinitionId

      public String getProcessDefinitionId()
    • setProcessDefinitionId

      public void setProcessDefinitionId(String processDefinitionId)
    • getProcessInstanceId

      public String getProcessInstanceId()
    • setProcessInstanceId

      public void setProcessInstanceId(String processInstanceId)
    • getExecutionId

      public String getExecutionId()
    • setExecutionId

      public void setExecutionId(String executionId)
    • getCaseDefinitionId

      public String getCaseDefinitionId()
    • setCaseDefinitionId

      public void setCaseDefinitionId(String caseDefinitionId)
    • getCaseInstanceId

      public String getCaseInstanceId()
    • setCaseInstanceId

      public void setCaseInstanceId(String caseInstanceId)
    • getCaseExecutionId

      public String getCaseExecutionId()
    • setCaseExecutionId

      public void setCaseExecutionId(String caseExecutionId)
    • getTaskId

      public String getTaskId()
    • setTaskId

      public void setTaskId(String taskId)
    • getOperationType

      public String getOperationType()
    • setOperationType

      public void setOperationType(String operationType)
    • getEntityType

      public String getEntityType()
    • setEntityType

      public void setEntityType(String entityType)
    • getPropertyChanges

      public List<PropertyChange> getPropertyChanges()
    • setPropertyChanges

      public void setPropertyChanges(List<PropertyChange> propertyChanges)
    • getProcessDefinitionKey

      public String getProcessDefinitionKey()
    • setProcessDefinitionKey

      public void setProcessDefinitionKey(String processDefinitionKey)
    • getJobDefinitionId

      public String getJobDefinitionId()
    • setJobDefinitionId

      public void setJobDefinitionId(String jobDefinitionId)
    • getJobId

      public String getJobId()
    • setJobId

      public void setJobId(String jobId)
    • getBatchId

      public String getBatchId()
    • setBatchId

      public void setBatchId(String batchId)
    • getCategory

      public String getCategory()
    • setCategory

      public void setCategory(String category)
    • getRootProcessInstanceId

      public String getRootProcessInstanceId()
    • setRootProcessInstanceId

      public void setRootProcessInstanceId(String rootProcessInstanceId)
    • getExternalTaskId

      public String getExternalTaskId()
    • setExternalTaskId

      public void setExternalTaskId(String externalTaskId)
    • getAnnotation

      public String getAnnotation()
    • setAnnotation

      public void setAnnotation(String annotation)
    • getTenantId

      public String getTenantId()
    • setTenantId

      public void setTenantId(String tenantId)