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Direct Known Subclasses:
DbBulkOperation, DbEntityOperation

public abstract class DbOperation extends Object implements Recyclable
A database operation.
Daniel Meyer
  • Field Details

    • operationType

      protected DbOperationType operationType
      The type of the operation.
    • rowsAffected

      protected int rowsAffected
    • failure

      protected Exception failure
    • state

      protected DbOperation.State state
    • entityType

      protected Class<? extends DbEntity> entityType
      The type of the DbEntity this operation is executed on.
  • Constructor Details

    • DbOperation

      public DbOperation()
  • Method Details

    • recycle

      public void recycle()
      Specified by:
      recycle in interface Recyclable
    • getEntityType

      public Class<? extends DbEntity> getEntityType()
    • setEntityType

      public void setEntityType(Class<? extends DbEntity> entityType)
    • getOperationType

      public DbOperationType getOperationType()
    • setOperationType

      public void setOperationType(DbOperationType operationType)
    • getRowsAffected

      public int getRowsAffected()
    • setRowsAffected

      public void setRowsAffected(int rowsAffected)
    • isFailed

      public boolean isFailed()
    • getState

      public DbOperation.State getState()
    • setState

      public void setState(DbOperation.State state)
    • getFailure

      public Exception getFailure()
    • setFailure

      public void setFailure(Exception failure)