Interface HasDbReferences

All Known Implementing Classes:
AuthorizationEntity, BatchEntity, BatchStatisticsEntity, CaseExecutionEntity, CaseSentryPartEntity, EventSubscriptionEntity, EverLivingJobEntity, ExecutionEntity, ExternalTaskEntity, FilterEntity, IdentityLinkEntity, IncidentEntity, JobDefinitionEntity, JobEntity, MessageEntity, MeterLogEntity, TaskEntity, TaskMeterLogEntity, TimerEntity, VariableInstanceEntity

public interface HasDbReferences
Daniel Meyer
  • Method Details

    • getReferencedEntityIds

      Set<String> getReferencedEntityIds()

      Scope: IN-MEMORY references

      the ids of the entities that this entity references. Should only return ids for entities of the same type
    • getReferencedEntitiesIdAndClass

      Map<String,Class> getReferencedEntitiesIdAndClass()

      Scope: IN-MEMORY references

      a map of the ids and the entities' classes that this entity references. It's used when trying to determine if there was an Optimistic Locking occurrence on an INSERT or UPDATE of an object of this type.
    • getDependentEntities

      default Map<String,Class> getDependentEntities()

      Scope: PERSISTED references