Interface ConditionalEventBehavior

All Known Implementing Classes:
BoundaryConditionalEventActivityBehavior, EventSubProcessStartConditionalEventActivityBehavior, IntermediateConditionalEventBehavior

public interface ConditionalEventBehavior
Represents an interface for the condition event behaviors. Makes it possible to leave the current activity if the condition of the conditional event is satisfied.
Christopher Zell <>
  • Method Details

    • getConditionalEventDefinition

      ConditionalEventDefinition getConditionalEventDefinition()
      Returns the current conditional event definition.
      the conditional event definition
    • leaveOnSatisfiedCondition

      void leaveOnSatisfiedCondition(EventSubscriptionEntity eventSubscription, VariableEvent variableEvent)
      Checks the condition, on satisfaction the activity is leaved.
      eventSubscription - the event subscription which contains all necessary informations
      variableEvent - the variableEvent to evaluate the condition