Class BpmnActivityBehavior


public class BpmnActivityBehavior extends Object
Helper class for implementing BPMN 2.0 activities, offering convenience methods specific to BPMN 2.0. This class can be used by inheritance or aggregation.
Joram Barrez
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    • BpmnActivityBehavior

      public BpmnActivityBehavior()
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    • performDefaultOutgoingBehavior

      public void performDefaultOutgoingBehavior(ActivityExecution activityExecution)
      Performs the default outgoing BPMN 2.0 behavior, which is having parallel paths of executions for the outgoing sequence flow. More precisely: every sequence flow that has a condition which evaluates to true (or which doesn't have a condition), is selected for continuation of the process instance. If multiple sequencer flow are selected, multiple, parallel paths of executions are created.
    • performIgnoreConditionsOutgoingBehavior

      public void performIgnoreConditionsOutgoingBehavior(ActivityExecution activityExecution)
      Performs the default outgoing BPMN 2.0 behavior (@see performDefaultOutgoingBehavior(ActivityExecution)), but without checking the conditions on the outgoing sequence flow. This means that every outgoing sequence flow is selected for continuing the process instance, regardless of having a condition or not. In case of multiple outgoing sequence flow, multiple parallel paths of executions will be created.
    • performOutgoingBehavior

      protected void performOutgoingBehavior(ActivityExecution execution, boolean checkConditions)
      Actual implementation of leaving an activity.
      execution - The current execution context
      checkConditions - Whether or not to check conditions before determining whether or not to take a transition.
    • isAncestorCompensationThrowing

      protected boolean isAncestorCompensationThrowing(ActivityExecution execution)