Class BoundaryEventActivityBehavior

All Implemented Interfaces:
CoreActivityBehavior<ActivityExecution>, ActivityBehavior, SignallableActivityBehavior
Direct Known Subclasses:
BoundaryConditionalEventActivityBehavior, CancelBoundaryEventActivityBehavior

public class BoundaryEventActivityBehavior extends FlowNodeActivityBehavior

The BPMN Boundary Event.

The behavior of the boundary event is defined via it's ActivityStartBehavior. It must be either or meaning that it will either cancel the scope execution for the activity it is attached to (it's event scope) or will be executed concurrently in it's flow scope.

The boundary event does noting "special" in its inner behavior.

Daniel Meyer, Roman Smirnov
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    • BoundaryEventActivityBehavior

      public BoundaryEventActivityBehavior()