Interface HistoricDetail

All Known Subinterfaces:
HistoricFormField, HistoricFormProperty, HistoricVariableUpdate
All Known Implementing Classes:
HistoricDetailVariableInstanceUpdateEntity, HistoricFormPropertyEntity

public interface HistoricDetail
Base class for all kinds of information that is related to either a HistoricProcessInstance or a HistoricActivityInstance.
Tom Baeyens
  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
      The unique DB id for this historic detail
    • getProcessDefinitionKey

      String getProcessDefinitionKey()
      The process definition key reference.
    • getProcessDefinitionId

      String getProcessDefinitionId()
      The process definition reference.
    • getRootProcessInstanceId

      String getRootProcessInstanceId()
      The root process instance reference
    • getProcessInstanceId

      String getProcessInstanceId()
      The process instance reference.
    • getActivityInstanceId

      String getActivityInstanceId()
      The activity reference in case this detail is related to an activity instance.
    • getExecutionId

      String getExecutionId()
      The identifier for the path of execution.
    • getCaseDefinitionKey

      String getCaseDefinitionKey()
      The case definition key reference.
    • getCaseDefinitionId

      String getCaseDefinitionId()
      The case definition reference.
    • getCaseInstanceId

      String getCaseInstanceId()
      The case instance reference.
    • getCaseExecutionId

      String getCaseExecutionId()
      The case execution reference.
    • getTaskId

      String getTaskId()
      The identifier for the task.
    • getTime

      Date getTime()
      The time when this detail occurred
    • getTenantId

      String getTenantId()
      The id of the tenant this historic detail belongs to. Can be null if the historic detail belongs to no single tenant.
    • getUserOperationId

      String getUserOperationId()
      The id of operation. Helps to link records in different historic tables. References operationId of user operation log entry.
    • getRemovalTime

      Date getRemovalTime()
      The time the historic detail will be removed.