Interface CmmnModelExecutionContext

All Known Subinterfaces:
CmmnActivityExecution, CmmnCaseInstance, DelegateCaseExecution
All Known Implementing Classes:
CaseExecutionEntity, CaseExecutionImpl, CmmnExecution

public interface CmmnModelExecutionContext
Implemented by classes which provide access to the CmmnModelInstance and the currently executed CmmnElement.
Roman Smirnov
  • Method Details

    • getCmmnModelInstance

      CmmnModelInstance getCmmnModelInstance()
      Returns the CmmnModelInstance for the currently executed Cmmn Model
      the current CmmnModelInstance
    • getCmmnModelElementInstance

      CmmnElement getCmmnModelElementInstance()

      Returns the currently executed Element in the Cmmn Model. This method returns a CmmnElement which may be casted to the concrete type of the Cmmn Model Element currently executed.

      the CmmnElement corresponding to the current Cmmn Model Element