Interface DmnHitPolicyHandler

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractCollectNumberHitPolicyHandler, AnyHitPolicyHandler, CollectCountHitPolicyHandler, CollectHitPolicyHandler, CollectMaxHitPolicyHandler, CollectMinHitPolicyHandler, CollectSumHitPolicyHandler, FirstHitPolicyHandler, RuleOrderHitPolicyHandler, UniqueHitPolicyHandler

public interface DmnHitPolicyHandler
Handler for a DMN decision table hit policy.
  • Method Details

    • apply

      Applies hit policy. Depending on the hit policy this can mean filtering and sorting of matching rules or aggregating results.
      decisionTableEvaluationEvent - the evaluation event of the decision table
      the final evaluation result
      DmnEngineException - if the hit policy cannot be applied to the decision outputs
    • getHitPolicyEntry

      HitPolicyEntry getHitPolicyEntry()
      the implemented hit policy and aggregator