Interface JmxManagedThreadPoolMBean

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public interface JmxManagedThreadPoolMBean

MBean responsible for controlling a Thread Pool. The thread pool is used by the JobExecutor component.

Daniel Meyer
  • Method Details

    • getQueueCount

      int getQueueCount()
    • getCompletedTaskCount

      long getCompletedTaskCount()
    • getTaskCount

      long getTaskCount()
    • getLargestPoolSize

      int getLargestPoolSize()
    • getActiveCount

      int getActiveCount()
    • getPoolSize

      int getPoolSize()
    • purgeThreadPool

      void purgeThreadPool()
    • getMaximumPoolSize

      int getMaximumPoolSize()
    • setMaximumPoolSize

      void setMaximumPoolSize(int maximumPoolSize)
    • setCorePoolSize

      void setCorePoolSize(int corePoolSize)