Interface JmxManagedProcessEngineMBean

All Known Implementing Classes:
JmxManagedProcessEngine, JmxManagedProcessEngineController

public interface JmxManagedProcessEngineMBean
An MBean interface for the ProcessEngine.
Daniel Meyer
  • Method Details

    • getName

      String getName()
      the name of the ProcessEngine
    • getRegisteredDeployments

      Set<String> getRegisteredDeployments()
      If the engine's job executor is deloyment aware, these are the deployments it acquires jobs for.
      all deployments that are registered with this ProcessEngine
    • registerDeployment

      void registerDeployment(String deploymentId)
    • unregisterDeployment

      void unregisterDeployment(String deploymentId)
    • reportDbMetrics

      void reportDbMetrics()