Interface JmxManagedJobExecutorMBean

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public interface JmxManagedJobExecutorMBean

MBean interface exposing management properties of the jobExecutor through JMX. This MBean also allows to start() and shutdown() the Job Executor.

Daniel Meyer
  • Method Details

    • getName

      String getName()
    • setMaxJobsPerAcquisition

      void setMaxJobsPerAcquisition(int maxJobsPerAcquisition)
    • getMaxJobsPerAcquisition

      int getMaxJobsPerAcquisition()
    • setLockOwner

      void setLockOwner(String lockOwner)
    • getLockOwner

      String getLockOwner()
    • setLockTimeInMillis

      void setLockTimeInMillis(int lockTimeInMillis)
    • getLockTimeInMillis

      int getLockTimeInMillis()
    • setWaitTimeInMillis

      void setWaitTimeInMillis(int waitTimeInMillis)
    • getWaitTimeInMillis

      int getWaitTimeInMillis()
    • shutdown

      void shutdown()
    • start

      void start()
    • isActive

      boolean isActive()