Interface ResourceDefinition

All Known Subinterfaces:
CalledProcessDefinition, CamundaFormDefinition, CaseDefinition, DecisionDefinition, DecisionRequirementsDefinition, ProcessDefinition, ProcessDefinitionStatistics, ResourceDefinitionEntity<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
CalledProcessDefinitionImpl, CamundaFormDefinitionEntity, CaseDefinitionEntity, DecisionDefinitionEntity, DecisionRequirementsDefinitionEntity, ProcessDefinitionEntity, ProcessDefinitionStatisticsEntity

public interface ResourceDefinition
Definition of a resource which was deployed
  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
      unique identifier
    • getCategory

      String getCategory()
      category name which is derived from the targetNamespace attribute in the definitions element
    • getName

      String getName()
      label used for display purposes
    • getKey

      String getKey()
      unique name for all versions this definition
    • getVersion

      int getVersion()
      version of this definition
    • getResourceName

      String getResourceName()
      name of the resource of this definition
    • getDeploymentId

      String getDeploymentId()
      The deployment in which this definition is contained.
    • getDiagramResourceName

      String getDiagramResourceName()
      The diagram resource name for this definition if exist
    • getTenantId

      String getTenantId()
      The id of the tenant this definition belongs to. Can be null if the definition belongs to no single tenant.
    • getHistoryTimeToLive

      Integer getHistoryTimeToLive()
      History time to live. Is taken into account in history cleanup.