Class CollectionUtil


public class CollectionUtil extends Object
helper/convience methods for working with collections.
Joram Barrez
  • Method Details

    • singletonMap

      public static Map<String,Object> singletonMap(String key, Object value)
      Helper method that creates a singleton map. Alternative for Collections.singletonMap(), since that method returns a generic typed map <K,T> depending on the input type, but we often need a <String, Object> map.
    • asArrayList

      public static <T> List<T> asArrayList(T[] values)
      Arrays.asList cannot be reliably used for SQL parameters on MyBatis < 3.3.0
    • asHashSet

      public static <T> Set<T> asHashSet(T... elements)
    • addToMapOfLists

      public static <S, T> void addToMapOfLists(Map<S,List<T>> map, S key, T value)
    • mergeMapsOfLists

      public static <S, T> void mergeMapsOfLists(Map<S,List<T>> map, Map<S,List<T>> toAdd)
    • addToMapOfSets

      public static <S, T> void addToMapOfSets(Map<S,Set<T>> map, S key, T value)
    • addCollectionToMapOfSets

      public static <S, T> void addCollectionToMapOfSets(Map<S,Set<T>> map, S key, Collection<T> values)
    • partition

      public static <T> List<List<T>> partition(List<T> list, int partitionSize)
      Chops a list into non-view sublists of length partitionSize. Note: the argument list may be included in the result.
    • collectInList

      public static <T> List<T> collectInList(Iterator<T> iterator)
    • getLastElement

      public static <T> T getLastElement(Iterable<T> elements)
    • isEmpty

      public static boolean isEmpty(Collection<?> collection)