Class PurgeReport


public class PurgeReport extends Object
The purge report contains information about the deleted rows for each table and also the deleted values which are removed from the deployment cache. If now entities are deleted since the database was already clean the purge report is empty.
Christopher Zell <>
  • Constructor Details

    • PurgeReport

      public PurgeReport()
  • Method Details

    • getDatabasePurgeReport

      public DatabasePurgeReport getDatabasePurgeReport()
    • setDatabasePurgeReport

      public void setDatabasePurgeReport(DatabasePurgeReport databasePurgeReport)
    • getCachePurgeReport

      public CachePurgeReport getCachePurgeReport()
    • setCachePurgeReport

      public void setCachePurgeReport(CachePurgeReport cachePurgeReport)
    • isEmpty

      public boolean isEmpty()