Class AstParameters

All Implemented Interfaces:
ExpressionNode, Node

public class AstParameters extends AstRightValue
  • Constructor Details

    • AstParameters

      public AstParameters(List<AstNode> nodes)
  • Method Details

    • eval

      public Object[] eval(Bindings bindings, jakarta.el.ELContext context)
      Specified by:
      eval in class AstNode
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • appendStructure

      public void appendStructure(StringBuilder builder, Bindings bindings)
      Specified by:
      appendStructure in class AstNode
    • getCardinality

      public int getCardinality()
      Description copied from interface: Node
      Get the node's number of children.
    • getChild

      public AstNode getChild(int i)
      Description copied from interface: Node
      Get i'th child