Class InvoiceProcessApplication

All Implemented Interfaces:
EventListener, javax.servlet.ServletContextListener, ProcessApplicationInterface

public class InvoiceProcessApplication extends ServletProcessApplication
Process Application exposing this application's resources the process engine.
  • Constructor Details

    • InvoiceProcessApplication

      public InvoiceProcessApplication()
  • Method Details

    • startFirstProcess

      public void startFirstProcess(ProcessEngine processEngine)
      In a @PostDeploy Hook you can interact with the process engine and access the processes the application has deployed.
    • createDeployment

      public void createDeployment(String processArchiveName, DeploymentBuilder deploymentBuilder)
      Description copied from interface: ProcessApplicationInterface

      Override this method in order to programmatically add resources to the deployment created by this process application.

      This method is invoked at deployment time once for each process archive deployed by this process application.

      NOTE: this method must NOT call the DeploymentBuilder.deploy() method.

      Specified by:
      createDeployment in interface ProcessApplicationInterface
      createDeployment in class AbstractProcessApplication
      processArchiveName - the name of the processArchive which is currently being deployed.
      deploymentBuilder - the DeploymentBuilder used to construct the deployment.