Interface Comment

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public interface Comment
User comments that form discussions around tasks.
Tom Baeyens
  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
      comment id
    • getUserId

      String getUserId()
      reference to the user that made the comment
    • getTime

      Date getTime()
      time and date when the user made the comment
    • getTaskId

      String getTaskId()
      reference to the task on which this comment was made
    • getRootProcessInstanceId

      String getRootProcessInstanceId()
      reference to the root process instance id of the process instance on which this comment was made
    • getProcessInstanceId

      String getProcessInstanceId()
      reference to the process instance on which this comment was made
    • getFullMessage

      String getFullMessage()
      the full comment message the user had related to the task and/or process instance
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    • getRemovalTime

      Date getRemovalTime()
      The time the historic comment will be removed.